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  1. Hello Everyone,Hi Jason W.,my proffesor.I’m starting this blog for a class i’m taking.Lets see where this thing goes….I’m steering the boat, it’s name the titanic, and were heading into icy waters.Yes I do like our chances!
    Let’s start right off on an topic with no controversy, how about politics and religon. ha.ha.
    Man it sure was wet this weekend, I think we got over 2&1/2 inches today alone.I had to work today,so i’ve been up since 3 o’clock this morning.I get to sleep in til 4:30 tomorrow, i’m afraid i’ll get bed sores sleeping that long!If you havent noticed,I like sarcasm, sometimes we go out to dinner and catch a movie, stay up real late and paint each others toenails.
    I really don’t know what to talk about here, i have no feedback, so rambling could be a problem, these are the things I think about when the power is shut off, but I can’t type it because the power is shut off, you know what I mean?I don’t, could you please explain it to me?
    How about those St. Louis Rams?I’m sure glad they saved all their victories for the pre season,I would hate for them to waste them on the regular season.Its not good when your football team’s season is over by the third week, I guess cricket in New Zealand is taking off right now, go wambats, hope you score alot of googlies!
    Question:If you have a vacuum cleaner that really sucks, is that a good or bad thing!
    I think this new class were taking could be cool,international business is interesting to me, i guess it better, I think China owns us already. I heard they pulled into Kansas last week with a huge tow truck, and repo’d the whole state! Illinois is next on the list, we were first in line but they didn’t think we had anything left to repo!Our state is such a mess, were fighting to keep the prisons open because their the only jobs left! God forbid we cater to private industry, and try to create jobs without the government interferring. If you havent noticed, I’m a libertarian, I think our government has gone way past socialism, and we better get ready to see the stock market fall even more.My 401k is now 101z, its dropped more than the rogue sattelite about the crash in my back yard.
    Anyone wanna respond, I’m always in the mood for lively conversation.Chow for now,Dale

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