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International business class

September 29, 2011

       We’ve been learning in Interenational Business about how each culture deals with people in different ways. Behaving in one culture is not acceptable in another.Globalization  refers to a set of relationships among people from different parts of the world that happens to be divided into nations. International Business consists of all commercial transactions; Including sales, investments, and transportation, that takes place between two or more countries.Cars for example can be made from hundreds of parts from dozens of countries assembled in one location.

     Communication between these countries is critical, knowing how many parts to make,when they are needed, what is the exchange rate, when is the cut off date for ordering, etc, etc. Communication is the cornerstone for answering these questions, and knowing what to say, and what not to say is just as important. Understanding your business partner, and being understood is paramount to having a successful relationship.

   Globalization is forever entrenched in our lives, we are constantly reminded about this when the stock markets from around the world have a bad day, we are probably going to have one as well. Average Americans can be directly affected from the Dow Jones rise and fall, not just Warren Buffet.

   We see American jobs leaving our country every day due to labor costs being more expensive here, our cost of living is more expensive, so competing with $2.00 an hour labor somewhere else is very difficult. Americans have long prided themselves as the hardest workforce in the world, working more hours per year per capita than most all other countries, but are we peeking now? Have we seen our best days behind us? Can we compete with the rest of the world like we used to? We don’t know the answer to that yet, I hope we can, but our deficits are killing us. It killed the Roman Empire, Greece was once the standard of the world, they are now near collapsing under their own weight of debt, is this us in twenty years? To be competitive with the rest of the world, we must cut our ” drunken Sailor” spending habits. We are slowly realizing that spending more than we bring in is not the answer, we have to change our ways if we want to still be the financial “super power” we want to maintain. 

   Thanks for making this class enjoyable Jason, I can see your point if you had a proffesor that didn’t communicate to you very well how this could be a boring class, but you make it entertaining.Dale McGee


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